Nurrdalinji Aboriginal Corporation works to protect country, water and sacred sites. Watch this video to find out more.

Nurrdalinji Native Title Aboriginal Corporation was formed to assert our right to make decisions about what happens on our country.  

“Nurrdalinji” is an Alawa word meaning “mixed tribe”.  Our members come from a big area, across the Beetaloo and Barkly regions.
We were incorporated in 2020 and our members include over 60 native title holders, from 11 native title determination areas, throughout the Beetaloo Basin

We support members to be consulted about what happens on country and enable them to be heard so we can better determine future aspirations for our country.


The Federal government is paying big gas companies millions
to explore for gas on our land.

We are concerned that fracking will damage our country, water, sacred sites and songlines which are passed down for us to look after. 

We want gas companies to properly consult with us about their fracking plans and for us to have the final say on whether they go ahead.

We do not want fracking on our country, full stop. Our cultural heritage and our sacred sites are so important to us—our songlines, our dreaming and our water.

Our water is our life. When that is contaminated, we are nothing. Where is our future?

— Nurrdalinji Chair, Johnny Wilson, Senate Inquiry into gas in the Beetaloo Basin