NIT: Community mourns loss of Mr Wilson, champion of Country and the rights of Traditional Owners

Members of the Nurrdalinji Aboriginal Corporation and broader community have expressed great sadness at the sudden passing of the Corporation's chairperson, Mr Wilson.

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Passing of our Chairman, Mr Wilson - Statement from Nurrdalinji Aboriginal Corporation

We wish to express our great sadness at the sudden passing of our Chairman Mr Wilson Jabarda, jungai and proud Gudanji-Wambaya man, a caring father and grandfather, who lived with his partner Elizabeth Presley on his much loved country in Lightning Ridge, just off the Carpentaria Highway, surrounded by his family of dogs.

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Tamboran fracking pollution: Beetaloo Traditional Owners comment

Nurrdalinji Native Title Aboriginal Corporation, which represents Traditional Owners with native title interests across the Beetaloo Basin, comment on coverage today of allegations by two NT workers that Tamboran Resources deliberately used toxic drill water for dust suppression, instead of properly disposing of the waste, during drilling of the Maverick 1 exploration well in the NT’s Beetaloo Basin, putting workers’ health and the environment at risk.

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NT Chief Minister delivers Press Club address on gas, minerals industry

The Chief Minister has used her first speech at the National Press Club to take aim at interstate opposition to fracking and Middle Arm. Here’s how it landed.

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Canberra Times: Fyles hits back at trolls and southern gas opponents

Northern Territory Chief Minister Natasha Fyles has taken aim at southern opponents, labelling them ill-informed and ignorant as she defended plans to expand the region's gas industry.

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Beetaloo Basin Traditional Owners comment on NT Chief Minister Fyles' address to National Press Club, Facing the North delegation

The Deputy Chair of Nurrdalinji Native Title Aboriginal Corporation which represents Traditional Owners with native title interests across the Beetaloo Basin is available to comment on Minister Fyles’ Press Club address today and “Facing the North” Canberra delegation. (ABC news, 1 Aug 2023).

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Beetaloo Basin fracking: Territorians slow Tamboran’s US megafracker

Oranges, prams, coins, pedestrians, bikes stop truck in Katherine.

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ABC: Sale of exploratory fracked gas from Beetaloo Basin exposes community to risks

Traditional owners and green groups in the Northern Territory say a new law is allowing companies exploring for gas to start selling it before they have gone through the approval processes needed for full production is putting the community at risk.

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ABC PM: Traditional Owners fear new gas laws will hurt country

Indigenous traditional owners and green groups are accusing the NT Government of exposing the community to risk because its passed new laws which allow companies exploring for gas to start selling it before they've gone through full production approvals processes.

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NITV: These Traditional Owners fear for their Songlines, saying the Northern Land Council is not defending them

Fracking has been approved for the Northern Territory, and thousands of wells could soon dot an area covering many Aboriginal Nations.

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Guardian: ‘We need help’: traditional owners accuse land council of ‘facilitating fracking’

Exclusive: Traditional owners in the Beetaloo basin say they are not being effectively represented in the battle against a major gas industry expansion. The Northern Land Council denies the claim.

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Guardian: I feel responsible for my role in fracking agreements signed long ago. But I won’t stop fighting to save the Beetaloo basin

When I heard the news that fracking would go ahead on my grandparents’ country, I felt my spirit and heart were breaking.

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NT Middle Arm Gas Announcement: Beetaloo Basin TOs call for stop to $1.5B subsidy

Nurrdalinji Aboriginal Corporation, which represents Traditional Owners from across the Beetaloo Basin, has responded to news that fracking company Tamboran Resources is in the running for a role in the Middle Arm gas export hub by calling on the Albanese government to withdraw its $1.5 billion funding allocation and divert it to improving energy security, housing, health and education in Aboriginal communities (“NT to anoint fracking, hydrogen, battery mineral hopefuls”, AFR, 8 June 2023).

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Tamboran fracking pollution: Beetaloo Traditional Owners shocked at sacred waterway risk

Commenting on ABC 7.30’s coverage last night of pollution incidents from Tamboran’s exploration well on Tanumbirini cattle station in the NT’s Beetaloo Basin, one of which has attracted a financial penalty while another remains under investigation, Traditional Owners have expressed their dismay at risks to their country and, in particular, the sacred Newcastle Creek which runs across the Beetaloo Basin and has sites protected under the NT Sacred Sites Act.

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Canberra Times: Pastoralists and traditional owners in fear of fracking

Traditional owners and a cattle station company are alarmed at the environmental threat of fracking on their land after the Northern Territory government lifted its moratorium on the controversial practice.

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