The Wire: Beetaloo Basin traditional custodians hopeful new legislation will bolster fight to end fracking

Traditional custodians from the Beetaloo Basin region say they are hopeful that the Greens’ amendment to Labor’s key climate change policy will help them protect their country from fracking.

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Alice Springs News - TOs hammer fracking deal governments sought to hide

“The cultural impacts associated with the development of any onshore shale gas industry must be fully explained prior to the development of that industry and that a plan be developed to manage those impacts on Aboriginal people and their communities.

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ABC: Climate deal struck after Labor and the Greens reach safeguard mechanism agreement

The federal government has secured the support it needs to implement its central climate change commitment, after reaching a deal with the Greens following months of safeguard mechanism negotiations. 

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Greens Safeguard Deal: Beetaloo Basin Traditional Owners comment on fracking implications

Commenting on today’s announcement of amendments agreed between the Federal government and Australian Greens to the Safeguards Mechanism Bill, Traditional Owners from the Beetaloo Basin region have expressed their hope that this will help them to protect their country from the dangerous impacts of fracking.

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ABC: Report warned Indigenous communities may struggle to benefit from fracking in the Northern Territory's Beetaloo Basin

A report has cast doubt on the fracking industry's promise of jobs and economic benefits for Indigenous communities near the Beetaloo Basin.

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FOI: Secret Morrison Govt Report reveals NT fracking offers limited benefits for Aboriginal people

A secret report, commissioned by the Morrison government but never released, concludes that Traditional Owners from the Beetaloo Basin in the NT are unlikely to make economic, social, cultural or other gains from fracking plans for the region, explaining that “conditions are currently not conducive to strong agreements being negotiated,” contradicting claims by the gas industry that jobs and economic benefits will flow to communities (ABC AM program today).

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NT News: Secret Beetaloo basin fracking report released under FOI laws PDF of story attached

Traditional Owners have again slammed plans to frack the Beetaloo Basin following the release of a secret federal government report that found conditions were “not conducive to strong agreements being negotiated”.

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Job Opportunity!

We are looking for someone to work with and support Directors and members of Nurrdalinji Native Title Aboriginal Corporation for the next 12 months.

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04-Newsletter November 2022

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Canberra Times: Call for federal action over NT water plan

Water experts and environmentalists are calling for the federal government to take action over the Northern Territory government's massive proposed ground water extraction plan that includes an allocation for gas fracking.

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NT News: Territory government allows onshore petroleum companies to sell fracked gas during exploration phase

Nurrdalinji Aboriginal Corporation chair Johnny Wilson says new fracking laws do not allow Traditional Owners to protect and care for country.

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MR: Fyles’ new Beetaloo Fracking Bill allows full scale fracking without Traditional Owner consultation

Traditional Owners from the Beetaloo Basin are alarmed about new laws, introduced by the NT government and due to be pushed through by the end of the year, which will allow fracking companies to mine and sell gas at a large scale for up to 15 years at the exploration stage, in what amounts to production by stealth and which sidesteps the usual requirements to consult and secure consent agreements with native title holders for full-scale industrial development on their country (ABC today: Traditional owners slam NT government’s 'disgraceful' plan to allow fracked gas to be sold before full approvals are granted).


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