Energy: Beetaloo Basin natural gas pilot project complete

The Northern Territory Government has announced that a natural gas pilot project at Shenandoah South in the Beetaloo Sub-basin has been successfully completed.

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NIT: Traditional Owners critical of $28.8million federal funding for Beetaloo Basin research

Traditional Owners from the Beetaloo Basin have criticised the federal government after it confirmed a probe into whether millions of dollars of public funds were given to oil and gas companies through a research and development scheme that explicitly excludes fossil fuel exploration.

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ABC VIDEO: VIDEO: Fish killings in NT community calls into question timeliness of government action

Environmentalists say the planned expansion of fracking operations in the Beetaloo Basin increases the need for water samples to be taken quickly after incidents are reported. (James Elton)

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ABC: Speed of NT government response criticised after fish kill in Newcastle Waters waterway

Word first emerged about the discovery of dead fish in the small community of Marlinja, south of Katherine, on January 15.

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Beetaloo Basin flooding risks: TOs comment on water pollution concerns

Traditional Owners comment on today’s coverage of the NT government’s failure to respond to water quality risks from flooding across the Beetaloo Basin and, in particular, a fish kill incident at Marlinja. The ABC reports it took 4 days for officials to assess the site.

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NIRS: Here's what an expanded water trigger will do for NT communities

Last week the Federal Government passed a bill to expand the water trigger to include fracking projects.

The move means any unconventional gas projects will need to be approved by an independent body before they go ahead.

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New water trigger for fracking: Beetaloo Traditional Owners comment

Traditional Owners from Nurrdalinji Native Title Aboriginal Corporation, working to protect country from fracking in the Beetaloo Basin, today welcomed greater scrutiny of gas companies' water use, with the Federal government introducing amendments to expand the ‘water trigger’ to cover fracking, in line with recommendations of the Pepper Inquiry into Hydraulic Fracturing in the NT.

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Nurrdalinji Middle Arm Senate Inquiry submission

The Nurrdalinji Native Title Aboriginal Corporation (“Nurrdalinji”) presents this submission to the Senate Environment and Communications References Committee Inquiry into the Middle Arm Industrial Precinct. We would welcome the opportunity to give testimony at any public hearing held as part of this Inquiry.

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NITV: Report into Beetaloo Basin exposes 'flat-out wrong' estimation of greenhouse gas emissions

The latest report concludes that the proposed Beetaloo Basin project could produce greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 11 per cent of Australia's 2021 emissions.

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Guardian: Emissions of Beetaloo Basin gas projects ‘significantly underestimated’ by government, analysis finds

Climate Analytics says onshore emissions of proposed fracking understated by up to 84% in ‘a rosy picture that simply doesn’t reflect reality’

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West Australian: Beetaloo 'climate bomb' cannot be offset, inquiry told

Beetaloo 'climate bomb' cannot be offset, inquiry told.

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Beetaloo fracking and Middle Arm emissions wildly underestimated: analysis

  • Analysis released as submissions to Senate Middle Arm Inquiry close today.
  • First full analysis of Tamboran’s Middle Arm greenhouse gas emissions.
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