ABC VIDEO: Questions raised about the largest fracking project in the Northern Territory

The Northern Territory is on the cusp of developing what could be one of the world's largest shale gas developments, but critics say a recent incident in the Beetaloo Basin has raised questions about the Government's ability to protect the environment.

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ABC: Promise of Beetaloo Basin fracking jobs prompts mixed views from NT's Aboriginal people

The gas industry's promise of fracking-related jobs in the Beetaloo Basin has divided Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory, leaving some feeling hopeful and others suspicious.

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Larrakia speak out against Middle Arm Gas Hub: Beetaloo Basin Traditional Owners stand in solidarity

Traditional Owners from the Beetaloo Basin region who oppose fracking on their country today expressed their solidarity with senior Larrakia people who are frustrated by the failure of the Northern Territory government to properly consult with them about the proposed Middle Arm development.

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ABC: Who can veto a Beetaloo Basin gas project? It's an issue vexing Indigenous people, pastoralists

When announcing the decision to allow commercial gas production to go ahead in the Beetaloo Basin this week, NT Chief Minister Natasha Fyles said Indigenous people had the power to stop a gas development.

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The Age: NT approves Beetaloo gas fracking despite climate fears

Onshore fracking has been given the green light in the Northern Territory’s gas-rich Beetaloo Basin, clearing the way for a controversial expansion of wells and production in a move that has dismayed traditional owners and environmental groups.

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NIT: Beetaloo Traditional Owners at odds with NT government as fracking moratorium is lifted

Traditional Owners of the Beetaloo Basin, located approximately 500 kilometres south-east of Darwin, have called for a halt to plans for large scale fracking production in the region until proper consultation occurs with Native Title holders.

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ABC: Northern Territory clears path for Beetaloo Basin fracking

The Northern Territory government has decided to allow a full-scale onshore gas industry to go ahead in the Beetaloo Basin about 500 kilometres south-east of Darwin.

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FR: Environment stoush erupts on NT approval of fracking in Beetaloo

The Northern Territory will permit fracking in the Beetaloo Basin, unlocking one of the world’s largest untapped gas reserves and drawing immediate condemnation from environmental groups and Indigenous landowners who vow to oppose any development.

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Traditional Owners alarmed at NT Govt go ahead for Beetaloo fracking

Chief Minister incorrect to say Aboriginal people have veto rights over production.

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Traditional Owners on Beetaloo Fracking Senate Inquiry Final Report

Commenting on today’s release of the Final Report of the Senate Inquiry into Fracking in the NT’s Beetaloo Basin, Traditional Owners from the region have called for a halt to fracking exploration and production until proper consultation occurs and the combined risks from what will be a major industrialisation of their country are better understood.

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The Wire: Beetaloo Basin traditional custodians hopeful new legislation will bolster fight to end fracking

Traditional custodians from the Beetaloo Basin region say they are hopeful that the Greens’ amendment to Labor’s key climate change policy will help them protect their country from fracking.

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Alice Springs News - TOs hammer fracking deal governments sought to hide

“The cultural impacts associated with the development of any onshore shale gas industry must be fully explained prior to the development of that industry and that a plan be developed to manage those impacts on Aboriginal people and their communities.

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ABC: Climate deal struck after Labor and the Greens reach safeguard mechanism agreement

The federal government has secured the support it needs to implement its central climate change commitment, after reaching a deal with the Greens following months of safeguard mechanism negotiations. 

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Greens Safeguard Deal: Beetaloo Basin Traditional Owners comment on fracking implications

Commenting on today’s announcement of amendments agreed between the Federal government and Australian Greens to the Safeguards Mechanism Bill, Traditional Owners from the Beetaloo Basin region have expressed their hope that this will help them to protect their country from the dangerous impacts of fracking.

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ABC: Report warned Indigenous communities may struggle to benefit from fracking in the Northern Territory's Beetaloo Basin

A report has cast doubt on the fracking industry's promise of jobs and economic benefits for Indigenous communities near the Beetaloo Basin.

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