ABC News: Oil and gas industry will no longer get free water in NT, questions remain for other big industries

For the first time, major industries in the Northern Territory will be charged for the water they use, in a policy shift the Environment Minister says is aimed at "bigger industries", not "small businesses and small farmers trying to make a go of it".


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Media Release: Federal Court decision on Santos’ Tiwi Islander consultation: Beetaloo Traditional Owners comment

With today’s Federal Court decision spotlighting Santos’ poor consultation with Tiwi people about its Barossa offshore gas project, Traditional Owners from the Beetaloo Basin say the judgment should act as a warning bell for all fracking companies seeking to consult with them in the hope of securing exploration and production agreements in their region.

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NIT: Origin’s Beetaloo and Kimberley gas exit hailed by environmentalists

A group of Traditional Owners and environmentalists have hailed Origin Energy’s withdrawal from the Beetaloo Basin and the Kimberley.

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ABC: Tamboran Resources buys Origin Energy's Beetaloo Basin gas exploration stakes

A company facing fines for refusing to front a senate committee investigating gas subsidies has overnight become the biggest player in the Northern Territory's Beetaloo Basin.

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Conversation: In a win for Traditional Owners, Origin is walking away from the Beetaloo Basin. But the fight against fracking is not over

What a difference six months makes. Before the federal election, the Beetaloo Basin in the Northern Territory was to have spearheaded Australia’s “gas-led recovery”.

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ABC: Origin Energy backs out of investment into on-shore gas exploration in Beetaloo Basin

Gas giant Origin Energy is abandoning plans to frack for gas in the Northern Territory’s Beetaloo Basin.

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Guardian: Origin Energy to quit Beetaloo gas project but green groups warn environmental threat remains

Origin Energy will sell its stake in its Beetaloo Basin gas project at a loss and review all its other exploration permits in a move that will distance it from an environmental controversy and end its association with sanctioned Russian oligarch Viktor Vekselberg.

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AFR: Origin accelerates zero-emission push with exit from Beetaloo

Origin Energy will divest its near-80 per cent stake in the Beetaloo Basin and explore exiting nearly all its upstream gas exploration permits as it accelerates its push to renewable energy. 

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MR: Origin divests from Beetaloo: Traditional Owners vow to continue the fight to protect country

Traditional Owners from the Beetaloo Basin have pledged to continue their opposition to fracking development on their land regardless of who buys Origin Energy’s assets in the Beetaloo Basin.

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NITV: The NT Traditional Owners standing staunch in the face of an international gas giant

Traditional Custodians say they are hurting with the ongoing battle against gas companies wanting drill on their Country, in Northern Territory’s Beetaloo Basin 500km south east of Darwin. But they won’t give up. By Keira Jenkins

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MR: High risk of water damage from Tamboran fracking approval, say Beetaloo Traditional Owners and pastoralists

The first fracking approval made by the new NT Minister for Environment, allowing Tamboran Resources to drill and frack on Tanumbirini cattle station, puts precious water and sacred waterways at risk, says Nurrdalinji Aboriginal Corporation which represents Traditional Owners across the Beetaloo Basin and one of Australia’s biggest landowners, Rallen Australia.

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ABC: Federal funding pitch for Beetaloo infrastructure ramps up

The resources industry could receive millions of dollars in additional taxpayer-funded grants from the federal government as exploration for gas approaches a tipping point in the Beetaloo Basin.  

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SBS: NT Court halts work amid claims of sacred sites damage

Traditional owners and pastoralists in the Northern Territory have had a victory in their legal battle to stop a gas company from clearing land for fracking operations in the gas-rich Beetaloo basin.

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National Indigenous Times: Sacred sites watchdog to probe damage allegations at Beetaloo Basin gas project

The Top End’s Aboriginal heritage watchdog will probe alleged damage to a sacred site during mining exploration amid heated legal action between a gas company, cattle barons and an activist native title group.

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SBS: Traditional Owners say sacred sites damaged by fracking operations

A gas company is accused of damaging sacred sites as it begins clearing land for fracking operations in the gas-rich Beetaloo basin.

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