01-Newsletter March 2021

March 01, 2021 5:59 PM

Cover of the 2021 March News

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Nurrdalinji Native Title Aboriginal Corporation
ICN 9392

We didn’t know about the risks of fracking when the agreements with Sweetpea / Origin were signed and DO NOT want fracking on our country.

WE are not being represented properly by the NLC and our concerns aren’t being heard or acted upon.

WE want to take decision making into our own hands and direct our own legal representatives.

WE want to set up a new PBC/Company to manage our affairs.


We agree with and adopt the following short statement about fracking and the way in which we are being listened to and represented in relation to fracking on our country:

"We want to protect our country, waters and sacred sites for generations to come"

UNTIL our new PBC is set up we are not talking with Origin.

We want all works to stop until our PBC is set up and we can talk as a group and make decisions with the right people the right way.

Nurrdalinji was registered with ORIC on 9 October 2020, and the Board of Directors have been working on building the authority of the Corporation to be a voice for country and people in our native title areas.

We must remember why we voted to set up Nurrdalinji - so that we have a stronger voice about our country and our business and so that companies will talk to the proper people, the right way, when they want to do work on our country.

We are now being recognised and are getting lots of support by some of the organisations and companies who are working on our country.

Meet our first Board of Directors: Johnny Wilson Chairperson. Janet Gregory (Sandy) Deputy Chairperson, Janey Dixon, Tom Hume, William John, Samuel Daylight, Bradley Farrar.

Community Organiser: Gavin Hogan
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0477 163 860
Chairperson: Johnny Wilson
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0457 050 636