NT Traditional Owners: $2M for Beetaloo monitoring can’t undo fracking damage

April 15, 2024 6:37 AM

Responding to news that the NT government has pledged $2 million in 2024 to monitor fracking on their country in the Beetaloo Basin, Traditional Owners say that no amount of monitoring can stop the damage an expected 6,000 fracking wells will do to their culture, their country, water and sacred sites (“Boost to Beetaloo Gas Plan”, Exclusive NT News, today, p 3) .

Directors of Nurrdalinji Native Title Aboriginal Corporation, which represents native title holders in the Beetaloo Basin, presented to the Senate’s Middle Arm Inquiry in Darwin this week.

Chair of Nurrdalinji, Djingili Elder Samuel Sandy, said, “We don’t trust the government to monitor the gas companies properly. Thousands of wells across our country will do untold damage to our culture, our water, our sacred sites. Once done, it can’t be undone. What we want is no fracking.

“Fracking is already destroying our country and Tamboran has already been found to be cutting corners and polluting our water.

“Water is life. It’s like a bloodline through the body. If you cut it or poison it you get an infection.

“We want the gas companies to pack their bags and go home, so we can live in peace and protect our trees, our plants, our animals, our birds, our water.”

High resolution photos of Mr Sandy here; presenting to Middle Arm Inquiry here, Nurrdalinji Directors and members on Tanumbirini Cattle Station here.