MR: Origin divests from Beetaloo: Traditional Owners vow to continue the fight to protect country

September 19, 2022 12:43 PM

Traditional Owners from the Beetaloo Basin have pledged to continue their opposition to fracking development on their land regardless of who buys Origin Energy’s assets in the Beetaloo Basin.

Origin today announced they will divest from the Beetaloo Basin, with a sale to Tamboran Resources and a longer term intention to “review its remaining exploration permits with a view to exiting them over time”.

Nurrdalinji Native Title Aboriginal Corporation, which represents Beetaloo Basin native title holders, has been working with NT pastoralists to oppose Tamboran’s fracking operations on Rallen’s Tanumbirini cattle station. 

Johnny Wilson, Chair of Nurrdalinji who lives in Lightning Ridge, within 20 kms of new fracking wells, said:

“This is a big relief for Traditional Owners because it’s clear that Origin doesn’t see profits in an industry that will destroy our country. We hope this is the start of more companies turning their back on gas production where we live.

“Whether it’s Origin, Tamboran, Santos or any other company, Traditional Owners will continue our opposition to fracking which we worry will damage our country, water, sacred sites and songlines which are passed down for us to look after.

“We will keep fighting because this is our country and we have a right to say what we want to happen on our country. We will never agree to production. Some of our old people signed agreements many years ago and weren’t told about the scale of production. We are looking at ways of challenging this arrangement.

“These companies are only interested in making money, they don’t care about us or our culture. 

“Fracking is not what we want. The government should give up backing the industry with taxpayers’ money and invest in health, education and clean energy from the sun because that’s what will keep our future strong”.