Media Release: Traditional Owners on Gunner resignation and Beetaloo Fracking

May 10, 2022 6:34 PM

Commenting on the news of Chief Minister Gunner’s resignation, Traditional Owners from the Beetaloo region have called for a new direction from the NT government which embraces clean energy, not fracking, to help create jobs and secure energy security.

Nurrdalinji Native Title Aboriginal Corporation represents members with native title interests across the Beetaloo basin. 

Traditional owner Johnny Wilson, Chair of Nurrdalinji, who lives in Lightning Ridge within 20 kms of Empire’s new fracking wells, and relies on expensive diesel fuel, said:

“Chief Minister Michael Gunner put big fracking companies ahead of Aboriginal people’s right to protect water and sacred sites and self-determine what happens on our country.

“We need leaders who will stop pouring millions into fracking which is destroying our country, when we still don’t have basic services and clean energy to keep power running.

“Mr Gunner lifted the fracking moratorium, against the wishes of Traditional Owners, knowing that we have not consented to what’s being planned on our country.

“The new Chief Minister must listen to us when we say, we do not want fracking, full stop.

“We invite the new leader to meet with us and discuss our concerns, so we can work together and preserve country for future generations.”