MR: NT govt charges fracking companies for water: Beetaloo Traditional Owners comment

October 14, 2022 1:24 PM

Nurrdalinji Aboriginal Corporation, which represents Traditional Owners from across the Beetaloo Basin, comments on the NT government’s plans to consult about a water charging framework so that fracking companies may start to pay for water by 2023. See page 27 of the Draft Territory Water Plan.

Djingili elder and Director of Nurrdalinji Aboriginal Corporation Elaine Sandy said:

“Our water should never have been free for industry to use in the first place.

“The real issue is what will happen if the fracking companies take all the water they say they want and poison it with their chemicals, hurting our country and sacred places.

“It seems the government wants to have their doing in being able to control what water comes in and goes out. The truth about what is happening with our water needs to be told. It’s one of the most important issues which connects everyone - community, pastoralists and others.

“Our lives depend on water and we have a responsibility to protect it. The mess left by big gas companies will stay with us forever once they are gone”.