MR: Origin divests from Beetaloo: Traditional Owners vow to continue the fight to protect country

Traditional Owners from the Beetaloo Basin have pledged to continue their opposition to fracking development on their land regardless of who buys Origin Energy’s assets in the Beetaloo Basin.

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MR: High risk of water damage from Tamboran fracking approval, say Beetaloo Traditional Owners and pastoralists

The first fracking approval made by the new NT Minister for Environment, allowing Tamboran Resources to drill and frack on Tanumbirini cattle station, puts precious water and sacred waterways at risk, says Nurrdalinji Aboriginal Corporation which represents Traditional Owners across the Beetaloo Basin and one of Australia’s biggest landowners, Rallen Australia.

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Media Release: Traditional Owners’ anger at works across sacred waterway by Sweetpea Petroleum on Tanumbirini Cattle Station

Traditional Owners of the country on Tanumbirini Station where Tamboran Resources' subsidiary, Sweetpea Petroleum, is currently conducting fracking activities have expressed anger at news that yesterday the company crossed Newcastle Creek, protected under the NT Sacred Sites Act, and went through two large stands of bullwaddy, to clear the seismic lines.

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Media Release: Tamboran locks Tanumbirini Station gate on Station Owners and Traditional Custodians seeking to inspect sacred sites at risk of fracking destruction

Gas company Tamboran Resources has today locked a gate on Tanumbirini Station on the day it plans to begin seismic activities, blocking entry to station owners and Traditional Custodians from the Beetaloo Basin who were there to inspect the sacred site area of Newcastle Creek which is protected under the NT Sacred Sites Act because of fear of damage from these new works.

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Media Release: NT Traditional Owners impacted by Santos gas projects demand Darwin Festival drops Santos sponsorship

As Darwin Festival reveals its 2022 program, a delegation of NT Traditional Owners from Larrakia, Tiwi Islands and Beetaloo Basin impacted by Santos gas projects are launching a campaign to see Darwin Festival, the NT’s premiere arts and cultural institution, abandon promotional partnerships with fossil fuel companies, including major sponsor Santos.

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Media Release: Beetaloo Basin TOs: NT govt approves new Origin wells Tamboran forces access on Rallen cattle station

Nurrdalinji Aboriginal Corporation vows to consider legal and other options

On the same day Reconciliation Week begins, the new NT Fyles government has approved four new Origin fracking wells in the Beetaloo Basin. Meanwhile, Tamboran Resources has commenced bringing heavy work equipment to cut fences onto Tanumbirini cattle station, clearing land to build a road and new well dangerously close to Newcastle Creek which is protected by sacred sites legislation. Rallen has given no consent and the gas company is proposing construction of a new access track 

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Media Release: Major NT pastoralist and Traditional Owners unite to resist Tamboran Resources fracking destroying land, water and sacred sites on Tanumbirini station

In an historic partnership, one of Australia’s largest landowners, Rallen Australia is uniting with Traditional Owners in opposition to fracking on its Tanumbirini cattle station after controversial gas company Tamboran Resources gave notice it intends to enter Tanumbirini today to begin preparatory activities for fracking, despite not having the pastoralists’ consent. 

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Media Release: Traditional Owners on Gunner resignation and Beetaloo Fracking

Commenting on the news of Chief Minister Gunner’s resignation, Traditional Owners from the Beetaloo region have called for a new direction from the NT government which embraces clean energy, not fracking, to help create jobs and secure energy security.

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Media Release: Fed Govt hands Imperial $19.4M to frack the Beetaloo: Traditional Owners comment

Announcement by Minister Keith Pitt that he has reissued a grant of $19.4m to Imperial Oil & Gas to pursue fracking in the Beetaloo Basin, following a Federal Court ruling in December 2021 that Minister Pitt’s original decision to make the grant under the Beetaloo Cooperative Drilling Program was invalid because of ongoing court action.

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Media Alert: NT Traditional Owners say no to Morrison money for Beetaloo Basin fracking at Senate Inquiry Hearings

Nurrdalinji Aboriginal Corporation presents at Darwin hearing of Senate Inquiry into gas exploration in the Beetaloo. Comments on Taylor's budget announcement today of $50.3M for 7 new gas projects, including Beetaloo pipeline study.

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