9 News Darwin: Nurrdalinji comments on Rallen Australia's court appeal

Rallen Australia is appealing a decision to grant fracking company Sweetpea Petroleum an access agreement to start work on its Tanumbirini station on grounds that include a failure to protect water infrastructure on the property. Chair of Nurrdalinji, Johnny Wilson, tells Ch 9 News on the first day of the appeal why this is important.  

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Katherine Times: Traditional owners from the Beetaloo Basin join Darwin Festival protests

Traditional owners impacted by fracking projects in the Northern Territory have demanded the Darwin Festival drop their main sponsor, fossil fuel giant Santos. They have joined members of the Northern Territory's creative industries to oppose the Santos sponsorship.

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Guardian: First Nations group join Darwin festival protest over fossil fuel sponsorship

A delegation of First Nations people are expected to join a collective of artists and creative producers on Thursday to protest a controversial sponsorship deal between the Darwin festival and gas and oil company Santos. 

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NIT: Fracking risk ‘negligible’, NT Govt says, as native title group voices opposition

The Northern Territory government has stood by its decision to approve four new Origin fracking wells in the Beetaloo Basin on Friday despite strong opposition from an activist native title group.

The approval came on the same day Tamboran Resources cut fences and moved heavy equipment onto Rallen Australia’s cattle station without consent of pastoralists.

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ABC online: Sweetpea gas company begins fracking exploration on Beetaloo Basin station

A gas company has started exploratory work on a Northern Territory cattle property despite opposition from the station's pastoralists and some traditional owners against fracking. ABC online piece.

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ABC's PM: Fracking company forces access onto NT station

In the first case of its kind in the Northern Territory a gas fracking company has cut the fences of a cattle station to force its way onto the property without an agreement with its owners. ABC's PM reports

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ABC: NT Country Hour on Nurrdalinji and Rallen's fight

A gas company has begun works at Tanumbirini station, east of Daly Waters, despite opposition from the station's pastoralists and Traditional Owners against fracking. ABC's NT Country Hour reports.

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The Australian: Tamboran Resources set to start fracking at Beetaloo Basin without consent of pastoralists and Aboriginal groups

ASX-listed Tamboran Resources is set to become the first Beetaloo Basin gas explorer to begin fracking activities on a Northern Territory cattle station without the consent of pastoralists and Aboriginal groups.

Tamboran won the right to access Tanumbirini Station, south of Katherine, in a lengthy tribunal battle that saw the station operator, Rallen Australia, awarded 1000-fold less compensation than it once demanded.

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NIT: Pastoralist blasts ‘unprecedented’ NT fracking foray, teams up with native title body

Traditional Owners and one of Australia’s largest landowners are joining forces to take a stand against fracking on Tanumbirini cattle station in the Northern Territory.

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Guardian: Pastoralist company to join forces with Beetaloo Basin traditional owners to resist gas exploration

One of the Northern Territory’s biggest and wealthiest pastoral landholders will join traditional owners to “resist” the entry of fracking companies on to its expansive holdings in the Beetaloo Basin.

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