The Guardian: Santos was ‘cavalier’ over Beetaloo Basin fracking expansion, court told

One of Australia’s biggest landholders takes on gas giant in Northern Territory Supreme Court. Santos has been accused of failing Indigenous groups and treating one of the country’s biggest landholders with a “cavalier attitude” as it faces court action over a proposed expansion of its fracking operations in the Beetaloo Basin.

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CAAMA: Traditional owners challenge Beetaloo Basin fracking and say it will not benefit their people

Top End Traditional owners say that a report by energy analyst Reputex which suggests the cost of offsetting carbon emissions could make developing the Northern Territory’s Beetaloo Basin unviable, justifies their argument that more fracking should not go ahead in the NT.

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NIT: Fracking at Beetaloo Basin given green light despite opposition

A crucial disallowance vote to prevent fracking in the Northern Territory has failed after both Labor and Coalition Senators opposed the vote on Wednesday.

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National Indigenous Radio Network: Traditional owners condemn government for gas handouts

Traditional owners have given emotional evidence at a Senate inquiry into fracking in the Northern Territory’s Beetaloo Basin.

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The Australian: Traditional owners slam Northern Territory land council’s pro-fracking ‘bias’

An Indigenous land council has been accused of hand-picking traditional owners in favour of fracking projects in the Northern Territory’s Beetaloo Basin.

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The Guardian: Beetaloo Basin’s traditional owners condemn government for fracking handouts to gas companies

Senate inquiry hears of upset over $21m in grants being given to companies while Indigenous community lacks even basic infrastructure.

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ABC: Beetaloo Aboriginal traditional owners fear gas fracking threat to sacred water sites

Aboriginal traditional owners fear their sacred sites and waterways are under threat from gas fracking which is restarting and ramping up in the Northern Territory's Beetaloo Basin this Dry Season, after a halt during the pandemic lockdowns and Wet Season.

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ABC: Beetaloo Basin gas fracking wells to be challenged by new Aboriginal corporation in bid to protect environment

In the middle of the Federal Government's planned "gas-led recovery", the future of the Beetaloo Basin is in doubt because traditional owners have decided they want to take over the power to negotiate with gas companies.

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